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The unlimited imagination of nature and its impressive variety of patterns is reflected in our table tops. No two are alike, and each is intrinsically beautiful. Our elegant wood stabs exude a cool composure yet fill the room with their presence.

The choice of a natural edge or a straight-cut edge is a matter of personal taste and style. Table tops with a straight-cut edge are trimmed as standard on the long sides in a 135-degree angle. This treatment leads the massive plates to appear light and delicate. Tables with a natural edge, on the other hands, appear more robust. Our table tops in lengths of 220cm to 320cm are available in a standard width of 100cm. Lengths up to 10 meters and a width up to 180cm can be manufactured upon request.

Featured Design.

Our classic design. The elegant tabletop nearly floats on the graceful, folded steel planes of the frame of the New York. A bridge beneath the wood slab connects the flat steel elements. This piece fits well with a minimalist, modern look.

The New York model is available in standard length of 240cm, 280cm and 320cm, or can be custom-made to any desired length.

New York

Our classic, featured, and most popular design.


Everything that is against nature will not last for long. While wood is a renewable resource, it is of utmost importance to avoid deforestation caused through uncontrolled and irresponsible logging.

Conte Caserta exclusively uses certified, sustainably-farmed Suar wood from Thailand under permission from the Thai Royal Forestry Department (กรมป่าไม้) for all of the wood used in our products. Additionally, Conte Caserta plants a new Samanea Saman tree for every cubic metre of wood consumed in production.

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